Hi everyone!

Thanks to the rain last week, we didn’t need to irrigate our crops after all! While the heavy clay soil at our farm made bed prep and planting challenging during the wet spring, we are grateful to have soil like this during a dry summer, as it holds moisture and makes watering our plants far less necessary. Other than watering a few outdoor crops suffering from what we call “transplant shock” (a period while the plants adjust to their new homes in the ground) on particularly windy and hot days, we’ve only given water to our plants inside the tunnels. In addition to holding water, clay particles are negatively charged, allowing them to bind well to positively-charged ions such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These are elements that are important for plant growth, making these soils particularly good for plants, when cared for properly!


This week we will have:

Kale, Green Cabbage, Chard, Sassy Greens, Scallions, Beets, Tropea Onions, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Eggplant, Sweet Peppers, Shishito Peppers, Tomatoes, Basil, and Napa Cabbage!

While we won’t have any lettuce this week, we have LOTS of cucumbers, which make excellent salads!

Our online payment system has some quirks– we apologize if you received an email asking for a payment for August. For those of you with a payment plant, the third and final payment is due by September 1st. Thanks!

See you at pick-up!
Alessia and Virginia

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