Thank you for your interest in our plant sale! We hope to do another sale in 2021, and will announce updates through our mailing list, which you can join at the bottom of this page. Cheers!

Please pick up your order at Milkweed Farm, 63 Gott Lane, Brunswick. The farm is located on a single-lane dirt road off of Woodside Road. Make your way to the fork at the end of Gott Lane and take the left driveway. Please drive slowly, as there are neighbors and animals around!

⚘ Make checks payable to Milkweed Farm, or have exact cash with you when you come to pick up your order. We recommend waiting to fill out the payment amount until you are at Milkweed, in the small chance something in your order could not be filled.

⚘ Follow the signs to pick up your seedlings, and remember to practice social distancing guidelines. We ask that you send someone in your place if you are feeling at all sick, wear a mask, and maintain six feet of distance from others.

⚘ We will have six people picking up their orders during each 30 minute time slot. While we wish we could chat with you all, please be mindful of how many folks will be picking up orders each day, and try to keep your visit as brief as possible. Thanks!

⚘ We recommend bringing cardboard boxes to help you transport your seedlings to your car and back home!

⚘ Never got an invoice? They often end up in the ‘spam’ folder, but let us know if you can’t find it there and we’ll send another.

And some planting info…

⚘ Most of the seedlings will be in Jiffypots, which can be planted right into your garden soil or planter. We recommend ripping off the top rim of the pot when planting, or at least burying the top edge below the soil line. Some of the plants’ roots are already making their way through the pots! Plants in Jiffy pots can dry out easily, so keep this in mind while you harden off your plants. More on this next…

⚘ Before planting, it’s best to ‘harden off’ seedlings– a process of introducing them to outdoor conditions gradually. We have already started this process! Different crops can handle different low temperatures, and you may need to wait to plant some of them until nighttime lows are higher. Here is a guide to help you determine when it’s safe to put plants in the ground. Until then, keep them outside where they can easily be moved to an indoor/ more sheltered location when it’s too cold. Peppers, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and basil are particularly sensitive!

Guide to Hardening Off

⚘ If your tomatoes are looking tall and lanky, you can bury them quite deep!

Thanks and happy gardening!