Community Supported Agriculture

A share from Sound Pine Farm supports your family’s health, that of the environment, and of the local community. At Sound Pine, we don’t just farm, we strive to steward the land that supports us. For us, this means improving levels of soil nutrients and microbiota, increasing habitat for beneficial organisms, keeping synthetic chemicals out of our crops and soils, and maintaining functioning ecosystem services, all while growing abundant and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

What makes our CSA different? A share from Sound Pine Farm is tailored to provide your household with the most choice and flexibility possible with a CSA. Our model gives members the experience of shopping at a grocery store or farmers’ market, while receiving more value, and directly supporting a diversified small, local farm. This system satisfies members and reduces waste, thereby helping us farmers. Learn more about our CSA in the tabs below!

tomatoes • peppers • carrots • lettuce • green beans • zucchini • eggplant • winter squash • herbs • hot peppers • arugula • radishes • scallions • cabbage • onions • melons • snow peas • radicchio • leeks • basil • chard • fennel • napa • greens • beets • cucumbers • spinach • cilantro • broccoli • bok choi • kale • cherry tomatoes • dill