Free-Choice CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

At Sound Pine Farm, we don’t just farm– we strive to steward the land that supports us and feed the community that surrounds us.

For us, this means improving soil health, increasing habitat for beneficial organisms, keeping synthetic chemicals out of our fields, and maintaining functioning ecosystem services, all while growing abundant and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Our vegetable share is designed to provide your household with the most choice and flexibility possible. We only grow produce for a CSA, which means members always get the best of what’s coming out of our fields. Our market-style, free-choice system gives you the experience of shopping at a grocery store or farmers’ market, while receiving an amazing value and directly supporting a small, local farm. Learn more about our CSA in the tabs below!

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is essentially a partnership between farmers and eaters! Our CSA provides you with all the fresh vegetables you need between June and October, at a much greater value than retail markets. In return, you promise your commitment to us by paying for part or all of your share before the CSA season starts. This gives us capital at a time when we need it most, for seeds, potting soil, and supplies, and essentially “contracts” us to grow for you.

Our free-choice share is meant for vegetable lovers. We want your household to get the vegetables you want, in the quantities you want! We grow for folks who like a broad range of veggies, and are excited to try new varieties.

We deeply value the commitment you make as a member of our CSA. In return, we strive to give you flexibility, convenience, and quality! Instead of boxed shares or strict limits, we have a market-style display where you choose exactly which veggies you want for the week.

While we do limit some crops, particularly as they’re just starting to get prolific in the field, we offer as many veggies as possible in a “take what you need” quantity. We believe you should not need to supplement a CSA share with vegetables from the store. Our members will tell you that their bags are stuffed to overflowing with veggies each week!

— — —

Because of our free-choice system, we do not allow members of separate households to “split” a share.

This model relies on trust! Please take what you need to host a dinner for friends, but do not take produce to give directly to friends or family outside of your household.

Your honesty is what allows us to offer our bountiful share at a very reasonable price, and we truly believe you’ll love the flexibility and quality of our CSA!

Because of our free-choice system, our CSA is priced according to the number of adults in your household.

A “household” is defined as a group of people living together at the same address, such as a family or roommates who regularly cook and eat meals together. Roommates sharing a house but cooking and eating separately are considered separate households. Anyone over 18 is considered an adult, regardless of eating habits.


TWO ADULT HOUSEHOLD $810 = $40.50/wk ($20.25/adult)

THREE ADULT HOUSEHOLD $960 = $48/wk ($16/adult)

Because our system is “free-choice”, separate households may not “split” shares. 

The 1-adult share is intended for single-adult households only.

Our average weekly share was worth $62 dollars in 2021 (a typical year) and $53 in 2023 (our most challenging season yet)!

Payments can be made in full either online or by check. If you’d like to pay in thirds, please send two post-dated checks (dated June 1st and September 1st) with your check for the first third.

We must receive your payment within 10 days to hold your spot.

We love sharing vegetables and want to make them financially accessible! If your household finds the cost of the share prohibitive, please email us at telling us your household size and the amount you feel you are able to pay for a share. With help from folks who have contributed to our Share Support Fund, we will make sure the remainder is covered!

If you feel you can, please consider supporting families who can’t cover the full cost of the share by contributing to our Share Support Fund here.

We hope to accept EBT in the near future– please stay tuned!

Our CSA runs for 20 weeks from mid-June through October. As the season approaches, we will announce our exact start date in our newsletter.

Our pick-ups will be on Mondays from 3:30-6pm and Thursdays from 4-6:30pm at our farm (53 Pennellville Road).

Pick-ups are a two-minute walk down a gravel road to our CSA pavilion. We ask that all members park on Pennellville Rd. Please email us when you sign up if mobility is an issue.

Members will be asked to select either a Monday or Thursday pick-up day, closer to the start of the season.

A CSA share is all about embracing a variety of seasonal produce and trying new things! The vegetables in the share will vary due to seasonality and changing growing conditions, but the chart below shows approximately when and what you can expect.

In addition, each member receives access to Cook With What You Have, a site full of recipes and inspiration geared specifically toward CSA members, a $50 value!